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Maverick Moses

Author - YouTuber - Book Reviewer

Maverick is the author of the upcoming Young Adult Dark Urban Fantasy, Karma's Children: Discovery, coming Spring 2019.

In addition to his writings, Maverick uses YouTube as a way to share his knowledge of writing, inspire others, and give book reviews. He is the founder of the bookish bath shop, Story Salts. And the co-host of the new horror book club, Book Fiends.

Maverick's Books

In this gripping young adult dark urban fantasy, karma is embodied into a physical being: A mortal with the title of Karma, whose duty it is to uphold balance in the world. But today, in a small American town, her three children have no idea of their blood inheritance and are about to rip away that balance. With good and evil spirits tugging at their heartstrings, three high school students must endure internal struggles of who they really are, while fighting off the spirits intent on controlling their powers of karma.

Book Photography Services

Are You a Writer Looking for Some Unique Photos of Your Book for Promos?

Maverick has been curating a Bookstagram on his Instagram over the last year and has received numerous accolades over his stunning images of books. Because of this, he is now offering his services as a Book Photographer to all of you, so you can show off your book to your followers in a fun and creative way. Perfect for cover reveals, release days, or any day!

Maverick's Bookish Bath Shop

Where Bookish Fun Merges with Self-Care

An advocate of having a self-care day every week, Maverick merges his knowledge of bath products and aromatherapy with his love of books and stories. Why just soak in bath salts when you can enter into the world you’re reading? With Story Salts, you can let your imagination soar while reading by invoking your senses of touch and smell.

Maverick's Book Club

Be a part of a community of kindred spirits. Maverick and his Book Fiends team brings you a unique, spooky book club for lovers of horror and dark fantasy. Join the dark community today.

Book Reviews

Whether it's a free Advanced Reader Copy or a long awaited purchase, Maverick shares his honest opinions about books he's read by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses. 

He has had the pleasure of interviewing several authors about their books and he share those interviews with the reviews as well.

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