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Hi Y’all, my name is Maverick Moses and welcome to my channel. A place where I’ll be sharing with you aspects of my writing, my goals, writing tips and tricks, and even a little about my life.

So who am I anyway?

I am a young adult fiction writer who specializes in the thriller and suspense genre. Specifically supernatural thrillers. I am currently in the process of writing my first series of work entitled, Karma’s Children.

The way I’m writing and self-publishing this series is kind of unique though. Karma’s Children is an episodic series of work. What that means is that I publish the series in “Episodes” similar to chapters in a book, but a little longer in length. With each episode, there’s a theme and new important plot point made, but they’re all connected in chronological order and a part of one overarching plotline.

In addition, I aim to end each episode with a gripping cliffhanger that will make you never want to stop. But more about that in a separate video.

A little about me….

As you may have noticed at the beginning of this post, I said my go-to greeting, “hi y’all”. Can you guess where I’m from? That’s right! I’m from Texas. Born and raised in Austin.

I’ve loved writing for as far back as I can remember, and even wrote a couple of “books”, and that’s a stretch, back when I was a kid. But even though I’ve loved writing so much, I never actually pursued it as a career because growing up, society just wanted to tell me all the reasons why I shouldn’t:

“Writing isn’t a real job”

“You can’t make any money from writing”

“You’ll never be good enough to be a best selling author”

Wow, thanks, society.

Well, I followed what they said, and went the more traditional route. I went to community college and got an associate degree, but before I went to a four-year college, I wanted to take some time off and work, save up some money, and really just do some soul searching. I wanted to pave my own path and try to start my own business. But sadly after a couple of failed business attempts, I fell into a depressive state and basically spent like three days in my room. That is until my dad came in and asked me.

“Money aside. Societal norms aside. What’s your biggest passion?”

My response… Writing. And he said, “make that happen then.”

My ultimate goal became being a published author, telling all the stories that are swirling around in my head. So now I’m actively pursuing writing as a career!

I really wanted to start this blog and YouTube channel though because I want to be able to connect with all of you on a whole other level. Looking ahead, some things I want to make posts on is writing. Of course. Some behind the pages content about all the weird thoughts I have in my mind. And I really want to share with you some tips and tricks involving pursuing your own goals. Because I believe that anything is possible if you work hard for it, no matter what society tells you.

So please subscribe to my YouTube channel and sign up for my mailing list on the blog homepage for weekly updates. Be sure to follow me on all the social meeds, @TheMavMoses across the board: InstagramTwitterFacebookPinterest, and Snapchat.

Have an awesome day. Bye for now, Y’all!

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