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Why You Should Start a Bullet Journal

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Hi y’all, welcome back!

As I said in my Intro post, I want to share some tips and tricks with you about pursuing your own dreams. Whether that’s writing a book, starting a business, or getting a promotion at work, you’ll need a structured method of goals and a way to keep track of all those goals.

I made a completely separate video about how to set goals in a way that will optimize your productivity, so be sure to check that out.

But now you need a way to keep track of all those goals, both small and large.

I personally use a bullet journal for this. There are several reasons why I prefer a bullet journal over online programs or even a regular yearly planner.

Number 1: Flexibility

The beauty of a bullet journal is that you start with a blank canvas every week, month, or year. That means you can fill in your bullet journal with only the things that you know will add value to your life.

Some may put a habit tracker in, while others won’t.

Some may use it as a notepad, while others don’t need one.

Some may be very minimalistic with their layout, while others could get totally chaotic and fun and crazy with it.

The bullet journal serves as the central location for everything on your mind. Rather than separating your notes on your phone, your calendar on a yearly planner, and your fitness trackers on an app, you can have everything in just one small book.

Number 2: Personalisation

This ties in with flexibility in that you can fill your bullet journal with only the things that you know help you in your day to day life. But even more so, a bullet journal lets you think outside the box and color outside the lines of those boring old yearly planners.

You can add doodling, calligraphy, art, inspirational quotes, stickers, you name it. You can make your bullet journal truly yours.

Number 3: Trackers

One of the awesome features you can add to your blank canvas notebook that you’ll see many bullet journalers use is a tracker.

This can be in the form of a habit tracker, keeping track of the number of calories you burned in a day, cooking at home instead of eating out, meditating, writing, reading, whatever habit you want to keep track of.

Another popular kind of tracker is an expense tracker where you can write in everything you spent money on, then at the end of the month, can total up and have a revelation about how much you spent on useless junk, and then avoid that in the future!

Number 4: Calendar

As I said before, the bullet journal allows you to 86 those boring yearly planners and other online programs, and record everything in your bullet journal. From daily and weekly objectives. To monthly goals. To mapping out important future dates months from now.

When you bullet journal, you can do it all.

Number 5: Notepad

Stop spreading your notes to yourself around your iPhone, notebooks you never finish, random sheets of paper, and that napkin from the restaurant you ate at last week. Keep everything in a centralized location.

I personally put in a page every month dedicated to notes and ideas. I don’t use this up a whole lot, so just one page is perfect for me, but you can add in however many you want, based on how much you typically leave notes for yourself to look back on.

Don’t know how much you’ll be taking? Instead of dedicating a page in your monthly spread, flip to the back of the book, and work backward.

Number 6: Fun

When you’re able to make your bullet journal exactly what you want it to be and have the ability to change your themes depending on your mood that week, opening up your bullet journal every day can be so much fun.

A bonus to this is that when it’s actually fun keeping up with your bullet journal, you’ll be able to follow through with the tasks and goals you set for yourself because it keeps you looking at them again and again.

This is the first video of my channel playlist, Bullet Journaling, so you can expect even more tips and tricks on starting up your own bullet journal.

Again, a bullet journal is a fantastic method of keeping track of your goals, your objectives, your habits, and whatever else you have on your mind.

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Bye for now y’all.

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