April Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Hi, Y’all. And hello to all my fellow bullet journalists out there!

A big part of bullet journaling is setting up a monthly layout at the end of each month that will cover the dates in the next month. The basic things everyone will most likely have as part of this set-up are a calendar of the month ahead and the weekly logs.

But as always with bullet journaling, you can add whatever you want to make it truly yours.

I wanted to take you along with me as I plan out this next month of April and hopefully something I do will give you some inspiration for your own bullet journal.

If you haven’t started a bullet journal yet and are still hesitant to start, be sure to check out my post on Why You Should Start a Bullet Journal.

I like changing up my theme every month, but the pages and layouts typically stay the same because I know what works for me and the way I work.

Last month, I did a dreamcatcher theme, and this is how it turned out:

March Bullet Journal Cover Pages:

As part of the dreamcatcher theme, I wanted the month to surround ideas of following your dreams no matter how big or crazy.

Using watercolors, I created a background for this giant dreamcatcher I drew, then wrote in a little calendar along with the quote, “Dare to Dream.”

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

March Bullet Journal Monthly Log:

I blacked out some of the items for privacy purposes, but as you can see, I definitely utilized this monthly log to plan out events or appointments that I knew of days or weeks in advance.

I drew another dreamcatcher here with a different webbing pattern than the cover page and kept with my color scheme of various shades of blue and teal throughout.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

March Bullet Journal Weekly Log:

I didn’t want to black out any items here because I wanted to show you how productive bullet journaling makes me. Each day has at least five tasks or events and evidenced by all the “X’s”, (which means that the task is complete), I was able to accomplish a lot.

This was the first time I did this kind of layout with the tall and skinny spaces for each day, and I really liked it, but I think if I do it again, I’ll need to stop the lines earlier to leave more room at the bottom for my weekly goals and quote.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

March Bullet Journal End of Month Spread:

At the end of each month this year, I’ve been adding in this section as a sort of wrap up for the month.

I put in a motivational quote centered around end/beginning. Here I wrote, “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we thought we could.” Then I write in what I learned and accomplished, and any major memories of the month.

Since I’m writing this post before the end of March, I haven’t filled these in yet, but I’ll be doing that soon.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

March was a great month and thanks to my bullet journal, I was able to keep track of my crazy schedule and get a lot of things done.

But now it’s time for April! Wow. I can’t believe it’s already April. This year is going by so fast for me. What about you?

Because my birthday is in April, I wanted to do a celebratory theme for the month, so you’ll be seeing that as we plan through this together.

Let’s get started, shall we!

April Bullet Journal Cover Pages:

I started by sketching out a big three-layer cake with some candles on top, then I went in with watercolors.

I like making the opening cover pages for each month with watercolor. It’s something I just started this year, and I’m loving it. Watercolor is great for more abstract art, which I like way better than more precise art because I’m not that artistically inclined. My art medium in writing, not drawing.

I like drawing the actual images over the dried watercolor, so after I colored in the cake, everything else looked like random blotches.

I kept with the color scheme of blues and golds, with a little bit of orange for accents and red for the candle flames and the balloons.

Speaking of, after the paint dried completely, I drew in all the shapes including fireworks, champagne glasses, a “Clink” and “Cheers” call out, and balloons.

After I drew everything, I realized the balloons were giving of IT vibes, but oh well.

Continuing with the celebratory theme, after writing “April” with my black brush pen for some bold calligraphy, I wrote “Let’s Celebrate” and a big “22” and “Happy Birthday” on the cake page.

On the April side, I also added a square cut-out of a confetti construction paper I found and wrote a small calendar of the month on it.


Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

As you can see, the colors are very vibrant and the cover is quite hectic, but I think it embodies the celebratory birthday theme I was going for perfectly.


April Bullet Journal Monthly Log:

On the first official page of the April Monthly set-up, I wrote April in some “fake calligraphy”. Then kept with the thematic images on the cover pages by adding a firework blast and some balloons.

This vertical calendar layout is the same as March’s and it’s what I think is easiest. Starting at the top, I write the dates, 1-30, on each line, then go back up and write the first letter of the day of the week that date is on.

Doing this vertical layout lets you use an entire line for future events.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

April Bullet Journal Trackers:

On the next page to the right of my monthly log, I created my Trackers page.

I cut out a triangle of that confetti construction paper I used earlier and wrote, “Trackers” on it.

My first tracker is for my Orange Theory Fitness classes. I leave room on each day to write how many calories I burned and how many splat points I got during each workout.

My next two trackers don’t need to be super detailed because my main goal for them is to just do it every day. So for my Writing and Marketing trackers, I just created a small grid where I wrote in the dates, 1-30. When I do something of each, I will just color in the box matching the date it is.

As part of this trackers page, I also wrote in a YouTube title section and drew a small play button. Here I’ll keep track of my filming, editing, and posting schedule.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

April Bullet Journal Expense Tracker:

On the next page, I created my expense tracker, aka my budget. At the top of the page, I just wrote “Budget” and added some fireworks on either side to go with the theme.

I like writing in an “Important Dates” section at the top as well to outline any important dates for bills or other dues.

For the actual chart, I write in every purchase I make by filling in what the item was, the date I purchased it, whether it was for a bill or for pleasure, and then what my remaining balance is in my budget.

At the bottom of the Budget page, I used that confetti paper again to make a little arrow pointing to the next page and on the arrow, I wrote, “No Spending.” The arrow points to a chart where I’ve drawn in some circles with the dates, 1-30. As I go a day without spending money on things for fun, I’ll color in the circle marking it as a day I didn’t spend money. I don’t count food, necessities, or other bills, just items that don’t actually add value to my life and are a waste of money. This chart actually helped me save about $50 last month because I really wanted to fill up as many of these circles as I could.

Above the No Spending tracker, I wrote, “Notes & Ideas” and drew in some more balloons to keep with the theme.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

April Bullet Journal Weekly Spread:

Now it’s time for the weekly spread.

This month I drew in these verticle rectangles with the day written in blue colored pencil in an abbreviated form and the date in the top right corner of each. I wanted to try out a new layout instead of what I used last month.

I’m not super precise with the linework with this because I actually really like how it looks kind of rough. It makes it look a little more casual. And the beauty of the rough look is you can mess up a little, and it won’t look really bad. Can you see where I messed up?

On the top left corner, I lightly colored the space with a gold colored pencil and wrote “Goals” at the top. Here I’ll be keeping track of my weekly goals.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

April Bullet Journal End of Month Spread:

Skipping to the end of the month now, I wrote in “Minnesota Memories” and left a large open space on both pages. At the end of April, I’ll be taking a trip to Minnesota to visit my cousin/best friend and I wanted a place I can write journal entries or paste pictures in.

Just like with March, I’m ending the monthly layout of April with a quote about the future. This time I wrote, “

Then I added in a “What I Learned” and “What I Accomplished.” I didn’t add in a “Major Memories of the Month” section this time because I already know my major memory will be my trip to Minnesota and I have all that room above for it.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

That concludes my bullet journal spread for April.

Thank you so much for coming along for the ride as I set up April’s monthly log in my bullet journal.

I’d love to see your own April set-ups, so Tweet me pictures or tag me in them on Instagram.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Bye Y’all.


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