Keeping a Dream Log

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to my blog and say hello to my new weekly segment: BuJo Fridays! You know? Short for Bullet Journal.

In today’s bullet journal video, I’ll be talking about the benefits of keeping a dream log, as well as give three different page setups for some inspiration.

A dream log provides a unique way of keeping track of your dreams. Whether you’re like me and have really vivid dreams every night, or you feel like you never dream at all, keeping a dream log can be not only fun but beneficial.

On the neuroscience side of things, dreams are the result of our brain continuing to fire off thoughts while we’re in the REM cycle of our sleeping time.

But psychologists, like the famous, Sigmund Freud, believe dreams are the window to our subconscious. Dreams process the problems and emotions we have in life that we’re unable to process when we’re fully awake. They also may reveal our deepest thoughts and motivations that may be otherwise unclear.

Because of this, keeping a dream log can be beneficial because it allows you to not only keep track of your dreams before you forget them but also analyze why you had the specific dream in the first place, giving your conscious thoughts an insight into your own subconscious.

Have I peeked your interest in dreams yet? Well here are three simple page designs you can use to keep a dream log in your bullet journal.

Page 1: Pointillism – Dotted Moon

In this first example, I basically drew a moon and stars to represent the night sky. I made this a little more unique though and used a pointillism technique. Which basically means the moon is made up entirely of dots.

I started out by drawing a circle and then sketched out the crescent part of the moon with a pencil. Then proceeded with the tedious process of poking dots on the page with my pen. This took me about 4 to 5 minutes, which isn’t too bad considering it was well worth it in the end.

Once I finished with that part, I drew in some stars around the moon and colored them in with a gold colored pencil. I then wrote, “Dream Log” and then proceeded to erase the ketched out pencil markings of the moon so that it would just show the dots. That’s why I used pencil earlier and not pen.

And there you have it!

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

Page 2: Up in the Clouds

This second example has an up in the clouds kind of theme and with that, I created a sort of border on the page.

I honestly struggled a little with making these clouds look realistic. I didn’t want it to just look like squiggles and try to pass that off as clouds. But as I’ve said once before, writing is my main artistic medium. My drawing skills have definitely improved over time, and as I continue to practice, I’m sure they’ll improve even more. So give me a break here and just wait until my first novel is released and you’ll understand my greatest skill.


After drawing the clouds with my pen, I just went through with this light gray colored pencil and colored in some areas in the clouds to give them some more dimension.

Then I wrote the characteristic, “Dream Log” at the top, and there we go, an up in the clouds dream log page.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

Page 3: Thought Bubbles

For this last dream log example, I wanted to draw a bed and have thought bubbles coming up from it with each one having a different dream. I really like this idea, but once again I’m showing off my wonderful art skills. And yes, I did say that sarcastically. Looking at the finished product through my own eyes, I thought it looked pretty good and I was actually quite proud of myself. But looking at it through more objective eyes, I realize it looks like a fourth grader drew it. But oh well. This is just an example for your own inspiration, so I’m sure many of you will be able to do this page much more justice than I could.

After drawing the bed, you can just draw these thought bubbles over it and write in your dream. I added a few “Z’s” here and there as well to represent sleeping a little more. This would probably look even cooler if someone was actually sleeping on the bed. After all, pillows and sheets don’t dream. But I honestly didn’t even want to attempt that.

So here is the finished product of the last dream log example using thought bubbles…

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

If you’re like me, dreams can also be an awesome way to come up with new ideas in your conscious mind. For me, that’s coming up with new book ideas. In fact, I have a list of well over twenty book ideas I got just from my dreams. And a dream log helps me keep track of all of that.

I hope you learned a little something about dreams and found some bullet journal inspiration. Thank you so much for joining me in #BuJoFridays. Tune in every week for more bullet journal inspiration and be sure to take a look at my pairing video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see the bullet journaling process first hand. 

I’d love to see your dream log pages! So be sure to tag me in them on Instagram.

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