Friday the 13th Bullet Journal Ideas

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to #BuJoFridays!

Today is an extra special Friday though because guess what?

It’s Friday the 13th…

Some people just shrug their shoulders and treat it like any other day. Those people are as boring as watching Scream 2 in 2018…

I don’t think you have to be really superstitious to enjoy this day. Actually, it probably helps not being superstitious, because if you are, then you probably wouldn’t even leave the house.

But with horror movies, including, of course, Friday the 13th, the day has come to be known really just as a dark or creepy day. And if you’re like me, and love the darkness and all that goes bump in the night, then embracing this day can be a really fun way to show off that dark side of yours.

So today I’m sharing with you three different ways you can embrace today in your own bullet journal.  

Example 1: Creepy Memories

On this first page, I wanted to do a creepy memories page. So the idea is that you can write in a strange occurrence or creepy memory that you’ve experienced in your past so you can always look back on it and remember.

Friday the 13th tattoos are huge in the tattoo community. So you could instead use this page to write about your experience getting one and why you chose the certain one you got.

I made this page with a spider web theme and drawing in spider web around the top border of the page.

After drawing the web, I drew a string coming down from it with a spider hanging off of it, and then just wrote “Creepy Memories” at the top.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

My Creep Memories Story:

I worked with a child ghost…

In high school, I started a job at Sears when I was only about seventeen, and somehow dealing with a ghost became the norm.

Everyone in the store knew of the hauntings, but as the new cashier, they wanted me to experience it like they did, so they never told me.

It all started for me when the elevator in the Kid’s Department began going up and down without anyone pushing the buttons. Technicians were brought out, but everything was technically sound.

That night, it started again and it continued like it was.

A few weeks later, as I was standing in the cashier area, I heard a crashing noise from the Kid’s Department fitting room. After checking it out, the hangers on the rack had been thrown off, and there was no one there.

A few days later, the child ghost struck again. The store was closed and I was the only one in the Kid’s Department. I straightened up and folded some clothes on the shelf. When I finished, I turned around to the next one and took a few steps. I heard a shuffling sound behind me. When I turned, the clothes were scattered on the floor. I look around, but I’m still the only one.

Example 2: Horror Writing Prompt

This next page is to have a horror writing prompt.

I started out by creating a dripping blood effect at the top of the page, coloring it in with a red marker.

I then wrote in my horror writing prompt. 

“It’s midnight and the lights go out. Bella steps into the pitch black garage to check on her home’s circuit breaker. Suddenly, a bony hand reaches out from behind her and wraps around her neck and mouth, gagging her…”

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

My story:

It’s midnight and the lights go out. Bella steps into the pitch black garage to check on her home’s circuit breaker. Suddenly, a bony hand reaches out from behind her and wraps around her neck and mouth, gagging her… pulling her back into the deep recesses of the darkness.

Bella tries to scream but is muffled by the emaciated hand holding her mouth tightly shut. Tears begin to stream down her face as she struggles to get free. Her eyes widen when she hears the creature whisper in her ear, unable to make out what it says as it sounds like a cross between a hissing snake and chirping insect. 

In the continuous struggle, the creature makes a grave mistake on its part as it lets go of her body with one hand in an attempt to cover her face fully. Before Bella can suffocate from the creature’s hands smothering her face, she takes full advantage of the opportunity. She throws her hips back and feels the impact against the body of the creature. It loosens its grip on her and she sprints forward.

Unable to see, however, and disoriented from the attack, Bella runs into a wall, hitting her head and falling to the ground. 

Panting heavily, she tries to get up as her eyes finally begin to adjust to the pitch black darkness. It’s not much, but she can see the outlines of most of the objects in the garage, freezing upon seeing a pair of glowing yellow eyes across from her. 

Time seems to slow down as her adrenaline pumps hard in her body, coursing through her veins as she feels the cool sensation of blood dripping down from her head, a droplet landing on her hand. 

Looking around, she senses where she’s located in her garage and knows that the door is just a few feet away from her, but it’s in between her and the creature.

Bella hears the terrifying sound of the creature once again with an added sound of smacking as if the creature is licking its lips. She knows she’ll only have one chance to make a move for the door. 

Gathering her remaining courage and keeping her eyes on the creature’s yellow eyes in front of her, Bella stands up and sprints towards the door. 

The sprint lasts only a couple of seconds, but in those brief moments, out of the corner of her eye, she sees the creature move towards the door to intercept her.

Her night vision adjusted eyes are just enough to make out the faint shape of the doorknob and she storms back into the house. The creature grabs her arm with its bony hand once again, but this time, Bella’s defensive instincts are on full alert and she throws a blind punch in the creature’s direction, stunning it.

She hears the horrifying sound of the creature one more time as she slams the door shut behind her, immediately locking it behind her before she slides down, her back toward the door. Her adrenaline allows her to release tears of anguish as she curls into a ball, still feeling the blood oozing from her head as she clutches her wound in despair. 

Example 3: Dark Thoughts

This third Friday the 13th page idea is to take homage to the dark day.

At the top, using my flat tipped calligraphy pen, I just wrote, “Friday the 13th” in a sort of gothic type of font.

Then going down the page, wrote the numbers one through thirteen.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

The idea here is that you can have a space to list 13 of your deepest, darkest thoughts, embracing that dark side of you just for today.

Hope you got some ideas for your bullet journal. Have an awesome Friday the 13th and remember, don’t be afraid to embrace the darkness a little…

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