May Plan with Me – Nature Theme

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to #BuJoFridays!

April has come and gone and it’s hello to May. How does that saying go? April showers bring May flowers, right?

Well inspired by that saying, I wanted to create my next month’s theme with spring showers… flowers… trees… vegetation… life… kinda theme.

So come along for the ride as I show you what I did to set up next month’s spread in my bullet journal and maybe something I did, will give you some inspiration for your own bullet journal.

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But without further adieu, let’s get started with the May page reveals.

Cover Pages:

So as I said, I’m going with a spring kind of theme with lots of flowers, vegetation, trees, and such. So I did the cover pages of this month using watercolor. I cut my two watercolor sheets down to the size of my journal, and I just taped them down so they won’t move.

I started out by drawing a rectangle with pencil and wrote May in my green Tombow brush pen within the rectangle. This step with the pencil ended up not really being all that important, as I ended up going through with my washi tape and taping around the word.

Then I went in with my watercolors and used varying shades of green to paint around the washi tape. I had started drawing oval shapes coming out because I was planning on going back in after the paint dries and drawing in leaves with a pen. But after continuing to sweep out the paint in different directions, I really liked the way it was looking so I just kept with that.

While that was drying, I moved over to the second cover page and using a pencil, I drew a cloud at the top, then drew in some rain droplets coming from it. This page is basically an embodiment of that Spring showers bring May flowers quote.

At the bottom of the page, I painted flowers coming up from the ground. I thought about making them actual flower shapes but decided I liked the look of these different colors of purples, yellows, and reds, just kinda all mixed together, flourishing from the green stems.

After painting those, I went back up and used watercolor once again on the cloud and rain droplets. The cloud came out a lot darker than I originally hoped. But I think it still looks good. I also kind of messed up on one of the droplets and colored outside the lines, but noticed that I like the effect that made so I brushed the excess watercolor from each droplet down to give that raining effect.

After the watercolors dried, I went back and removed the washi tape from the May side, revealing a clean, straight line border around the month.

Then on the other side, I wrote that quote, “Spring showers bring May flowers” in blue and green inked pens to match the colors of the rain and flower stems.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

Monthly Log:

This next page is going to be the first official page of the monthly spread so I’ll be using it as a look ahead for the month by adding a vertical calendar just like I did last month.

To title the page, I wrote “May” with a green pen and then let the end of the “Y” continue to the edge in this wavy form. And then drew in some small leaves coming out of the vine.

Then I just went down the page number 1 through 31 for each date then went back up and wrote the first letter of the day of the week each date is on. Then at the bottom of the page, I have a Next Month section where I can write in important dates in June that come up.

Maverick Moses bullet journal


This next page is going to be my trackers page. I did a very similar layout to last month’s tracker page again. So I started writing in 1 through 31 going down and drawing a rectangle around it, leaving space for me to write in my calories burned and splatt points from my Orange Theory Fitness classes.

Underneath that tracker, I wrote my marketing tracker by just putting 1 through 31 in each little square made by the dots on the page, so as I market, I’ll just cross out each day that I do.

On the top right, I created a space to write the title to the Trackers page then created my Writing tracker. This time drawing in a grid and filling in the numbers. Same concept as the marketing tracker, just a little different in appearance.

Underneath the Writing tracker, I drew a little border here and then used the remaining space to set aside for my YouTube tracker. I use this space to schedule video ideas and keep track of subscribers and views. I just wrote YouTube and drew this vine thing again coming from the last letter and drew a play button, similar to the YouTube logo.

Maverick Moses bullet journal

Expense Tracker:

Moving on, this next page will be my budget and expense tracker. I just wrote “Budget” on the top using a green pen again and created another vine looking thing, this time acting as a border between the word and the content of the page.

I then just wrote “Important Dates.” This is where I’ll fill in any bill dates that I have this month. Then started the expense tracker itself. I went with the same layout as last month, adding columns for my Balance, the Item or Reason for the purchase, the date of purchase, and whether it was a bill or something I did for fun.

Maverick Moses bullet journal


On the next page over, I wrote “Notes/Ideas” at the top using the green pen again.

As you can see, I’ve been pretty much using the green pen for everything. I think to differentiate things though, I’m going to stick with a black pen for any content writing I do in the journal.

Anyway, I drew a border around the headline using leaves. So I basically just drew those all the way around, still using that green pen.

I really liked the way this border turned out.

Maverick Moses bullet journal

Weekly Log:

And lastly, onto the weekly spread.

I started the page with my “Goals” section and then continued the stroke from the last letter into a wavy line where I basically drew in a vine. So these vines will act as the border between days. So continuing, I wrote the days of the week, Monday through Sunday, skipping about eight lines down after each. And then wrote the date in the upper right corner of each sectioned off day.

After finishing the week, I wasn’t really a huge fan of the barrage of green all across the page, and for the first time realized that I hadn’t been keeping with the themes of flowers with purples and reds like I had in the cover page. So I went in with the purple pen and wrote a quote at the bottom saying “Keep Looking Forward.”

After doing this, I still wasn’t super happy with the look and thought it needed a little more color other than green. So using purple and red pens, I went back through the week and added filled in dots at the tip of many of the stems in the vine to appear like little flowers. But I still kept some of them plain green.

After doing this, my weekly spread was complete.

Maverick Moses bullet journal

Let me know in the comments down below what you thought of my monthly spread and if you decide to take any inspo from these ideas, I’d love to see your designs so take a picture of it and be sure to tag me in them on Instagram

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