Bullet Journaling for Beginners: Basics of the Key

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to BuJo Fridays.

Are you just getting started with creating your bullet journal? Well, today’s video is perfect for you because I’ll be covering the basics of writing a Key in your bullet journal.

The Key is the page you put at the very beginning of your journal that lists all the symbols you’ll be using along with their meaning, so you can always go back and look.

When you’re going through your bullet journal, planning out your days, these symbols and elements are a great way to organize your thoughts so that you can easily scan through your weekly and monthly logs to find exactly what you’re looking for. Typically, the most common ones that almost everyone uses are symbols for tasks, notes, and events. After that, you can create whatever ones you want and need.

I’ll be covering what I personally use in my bullet journal, but you can customize these and include and not include whichever ones you want.

Key Basics:

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

In addition to these symbols, you can also add to your key any color coordination you may want to do. For example, blue for school, and green for work.

Just a reminder, these are the items I, personally use for my key elements. So you don’t have to use these exact ones if you don’t want to. The best part about bullet journaling is you can make it whatever you want and need it to be. So whatever works best for you and the way your mind works, go for it.

I hope you learned some new information on starting up your bullet journal and hopefully this post took away some nervousness about getting started.

Leave a comment down below what you thought of this post and let me know what other ideas cool key ideas you use.

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