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How to Choose a Genre for Your WIP – Marketing 101

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to Writing Wednesdays.

Today I’ll be talking about a necessary step in the marketing process of a book and that’s how to choose a genre.

Whether the book is published in a bookstore or on Amazon, books are sorted first and foremost by their genres, so the need to have a fitting genre for your work in progress is much needed.

Before I go into my tips on how to choose a genre, you first need to determine the initial overarching audience by the age group. Determine if your book is a Children’s book, a young adult, a new adult, or an adult novel. You’ll basically determine this by the age of the main characters of your story. If your main characters are teenagers, then it’s probably a young adult and so on. I’ll go into determining the audience age group more in-depth in a future post, so stay tuned for that.

But for now, here are three things to keep in mind when coming up with a genre for your book.

Number 1: Analyze Your Idea

Look at your idea or work in progress. Usually, you can figure out the basic overarching genre it is.

For example, if there’s a lot of ghosts and bloody scenes, it’s probably a horror. If it’s mainly about a love story, it’s probably a romance. If it’s about a spy mission, it’s probably an action and adventure.

If you need more opinions, get them. Tell your friends about your book idea and ask them what genre they think it is.

Number 2: Research Sub Genres

After you know the overall genre, you have the option of getting more specific. So I would recommend you try to hone in on one or two sub-genres.

Research these as much as you can so you can understand what they mean and if your book fits in with it.

When coming up with genres for my work in progress, I settled on Young Adult supernatural thriller and dark urban fantasy. I had trouble allowing myself to say fantasy at first because I associate fantasy with dragons, knights, and magic, which my story doesn’t really fit with. But with more and more research, I realized there was much more to fantasy than just that and discovered many subgenres within the main fantasy genre. And discovered that my book fits perfectly into the dark urban fantasy category.

Number 3: Idea Before Genre

Come up with your book idea first and craft what you want it to look like. Then find the genre that fits your idea, not an idea that fits a genre.

Write what you want. If you pick a genre first based on what you think is popular and then try to come up with a book idea, you may not be so passionate about it, and the reader will notice the forced writing.

Instead, create your idea first, then worry about a genre. There are readers for every genre, so don’t worry about having to limit yourself to what you believe is popular.

Write what you love, not what you think will sell.

I hope this helped you in your marketing process.

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