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Saving Money with Your Bullet Journal

Hi, Y’all. You’re welcome back to BuJo Fridays.

The absolute best thing about bullet journaling is you can make your bullet journal whatever you want and go far beyond any regular old store bought monthly planner. And one really cool way you can utilize your bullet journal is to help you save money. 

o today I’ll be covering three different things you can add to your bullet journal that is aimed at helping you save money.

Number 1: Expense Tracker

Basically what this is is an organized receipt of all your purchases. Any small or large expenses in one central location.

You’ll see me set up my expense tracker in any of my monthly Plan with Me posts.

But basically what I’ll do is start the page with an “Important Dates” section. There I’ll write in any bill dates I have that month so I can expect them coming out of my bank account.

After that, I’ll set up columns for my account balance, the item or reason of the purchase, the date of purchase, and whether the expense was a bill, or something for fun, aka, something unnecessary like going to a bar for example.

Write down every expense here, then at the end of the month, go back and total up the expense columns. My first month doing this, I was so surprised at how much money I was spending on useless junk that never actually added value to my life. This helped me start making more conscious decisions when it came to spending my money.

Maverick Moses bullet journal

Number 2: Savings Tracker

A savings tracker is great if there’s a specific item that you’re saving up for. Maybe it’s a vacation, or a car down payment, or a new tattoo…

You can set this up a number of ways, and I’ll give you some ideas on my blog post linked down below. But basically, you’ll create some sort of scale that will let you fill it in as you save. Write down benchmarks for every ten or a hundred dollars and fill them in once you save that amount.

It can not only be so satisfying filling in your next savings section, but it can also be a lot of fun because you can make it as creative and colorful as you want.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

Number 3: No Spending Tracker

This is a great addition to the expense tracker. Similar to how you’ll fill in a shape or section when you save money in your savings tracker, you can do the same when you go a whole day without spending any money.

What I typically do here is create a grid and write in the dates of a month within each box. If I go a day without spending money, I get to fill in a box. You can create any parameters you want for this. For example, you can not count it when you go grocery shopping, but do include it as “Spending” if you go out to eat instead of cooking at home. Whatever parameters work best for you, go for it.

Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

In addition to all of this, if you’ve been really into planners, starting a bullet journal can be so cost-effective. Regular planners at a store could be twenty dollars or more and they’re so limiting to what you can do with them.

Here is a hardback dotted journal that’s less than ten dollars on Amazon. Get that and make your bullet journal whatever you need it to be. Then utilize these three tips to save even more money.

Happy Bullet Journaling!

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