Blooding by Charlotte Zang


Are the brutal and disturbing murders rocking the quaint college town of Thetford that of a deranged killer? Or has something more sinister returned from the past?

Art student Jules finds herself in the thick of the mystery after a string of increasingly odd occurrences. She receives a mysterious business card with only a symbol and a phone number from a crippled old man in a dark alley, finds herself dragged to a prestigious dinner party that takes a shockingly dark turn and then sees what she believes to be a lurking creature roaming the streets.

As the mutilated bodies pile up, Jules decides to follow in the footsteps of her estranged, journalist father by diving head first into investigating the horrid events plaguing the seemingly peaceful town. What she begins to uncover is beyond anything her mind could have imagined.

In the end, will she be able to hold true to herself or give in to the power and the secrets of Thetford?

Blooding is a disquieting tale that shows how the unknown is always the most terrifying. If you like modern, eerie thrillers then you’ll love Charlotte Zang’s brand new horror novel. Discover the terrifying secrets of Blooding today!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Four Stars – A mysterious tale that will keep you guessing

Blooding by Charlotte Zang is certainly a mysterious tale that will keep you guessing.

Written in first-person, with two different points of view, Blooding will take you into the minds of the characters. When you follow Julia, you’ll struggle with her to figure out this terrifying mystery. And when you read Noel’s point of view, you’ll follow along as he struggles to figure out who and what he really is.

This multiple point-of-view is important to note, especially at the beginning. While the names of the two characters are in the chapter headers, I honestly didn’t figure out it was multiple POV until about fifty pages in. While this is mostly my own fault, I think this could have been remedied if the synopsis talked about Noel too. Because the book description only talked about Julia “Jules,” I was under the impression that it was only her story from the start. So keep that in mind so you don’t confuse yourself as I did.

Right from the start, Charlotte Zang throws the horror at you. In the prologue we learn that thirty years earlier, a grisly massacre occurred, killing almost an entire family, leaving only three survivors. Because these murders were never solved, the myths and legends of this family and their house build up over time and consume the present day storyline.

As the story progresses, a chilling mystery presents itself and slowly unfolds. This mystery was so powerful that I honestly couldn’t figure out where it was going and how it all was related to the massacre in the prologue. However, when the ending hit, all the tiny details spread throughout the book added up and made so much sense.

That being said, the storyline did move fairly slow. Although we see some creepy or strange occurrences here and there, the horror aspect wasn’t fully present. I would have liked there to be more horror elements and creepy scenes spread throughout the book to help drive the story forward. The mystery was definitely entrancing, but I just wish it moved along faster than it did.

Because of all of this, I decided to give Blooding by Charlotte Zang four stars. This story will definitely rope you in from the start and the mystery of what’s happening will keep you guessing.

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