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Saving Money with Your Bullet Journal

Published May 25, 2018 in #BuJoFridays - 0 Comments
Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

Hi, Y’all. You’re welcome back to BuJo Fridays. The absolute best thing about bullet journaling is you can make your bullet journal whatever you want and go far beyond any regular old store bought monthly planner. And one really cool way you can utilize your bullet journal is to help you save money.  o today […]

How to Fake Calligraphy

Published May 4, 2018 in #BuJoFridays - 0 Comments
Maverick Moses Calligraphy

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to #BuJoFridays! I was recently told by a friend that she’s hesitant about starting a bullet journal because she wants it to look artsy, but doesn’t know how to write calligraphy like the pros. I thought this was such a shame because I believe anyone can fake being artsy because I, myself, […]

May Plan with Me – Nature Theme

Published April 27, 2018 in #BuJoFridays - 0 Comments

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to #BuJoFridays! April has come and gone and it’s hello to May. How does that saying go? April showers bring May flowers, right? Well inspired by that saying, I wanted to create my next month’s theme with spring showers… flowers… trees… vegetation… life… kinda theme. So come along for the ride […]

Keeping a Mood Tracker

Published April 20, 2018 in #BuJoFridays - 2 Comments
Maverick Moses Bullet Journal

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to #BuJoFridays.  This week I’ll be talking about keeping a mood tracker in your bullet journal as well as give you three different examples of what that could look like… Hello… How are you are?…. Happy?… Sad?… Angry?… Tired?… Drunk?… Whatever you are, have you ever wondered how often you are […]

Friday the 13th Bullet Journal Ideas

Published April 13, 2018 in #BuJoFridays - 0 Comments

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to #BuJoFridays! Today is an extra special Friday though because guess what? It’s Friday the 13th… Some people just shrug their shoulders and treat it like any other day. Those people are as boring as watching Scream 2 in 2018… I don’t think you have to be really superstitious to enjoy […]

Keeping a Dream Log

Published April 6, 2018 in #BuJoFridays - 0 Comments

Hi, Y’all. Welcome back to my blog and say hello to my new weekly segment: BuJo Fridays! You know? Short for Bullet Journal. In today’s bullet journal video, I’ll be talking about the benefits of keeping a dream log, as well as give three different page setups for some inspiration. A dream log provides a […]

April Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Published March 26, 2018 in #BuJoFridays - 0 Comments

Hi, Y’all. And hello to all my fellow bullet journalists out there! A big part of bullet journaling is setting up a monthly layout at the end of each month that will cover the dates in the next month. The basic things everyone will most likely have as part of this set-up are a calendar […]

Why You Should Start a Bullet Journal

Published March 14, 2018 in #BuJoFridays - 0 Comments
Maverick Moses Vlogging

Video Transcription: Hi y’all, welcome back! As I said in my Intro post, I want to share some tips and tricks with you about pursuing your own dreams. Whether that’s writing a book, starting a business, or getting a promotion at work, you’ll need a structured method of goals and a way to keep track […]